Client Advocate Program

Who is a Client Advocate Program Qualifier?


Qualify by bringing someone to an educational workshop or have them come in for a complimentary consultation.

Whether your friend or family member does business with us or not, you qualify for our Client Advocate Program.


We are fortunate and grateful to have such wonderful clients like you!!

Thank you for being our client! One of the ways in which we differentiate our services from others is that we focus on long-term relationships with our clients and continuously search for ways to provide additional, quality services. We are appreciative of the fact that you have chosen us to help you work on your financial goals.

One theme that you have probably heard from our office already is our company's “Growth Initiative.” It is our goal to offer our services to several other clients just like you. Did you know that many of our new clients come from introductions from existing clients? It is primarily through an introduction from our best clients that we have been able to meet high quality people who can use and benefit from our services.

We are excited to tell you about the Great Northern Wealth Management Client Advocate Program!! Any client who introduces us to a friend or family member who attends an educational workshop or a complimentary consultation with Shayne will qualify and become a Great Nothern Wealth Management Client Advocate! We will hold a very special, members only event each year in or around December for all of our client advocates for that particular year. This Client Advocate Program special event is a way for us to say “thank you” to those clients who have qualified as well as to encourage others to join in this special group.

The only thing we ask you to do is bring a friend or family member who you think might be interested in economic updates and changes in the tax law, to one of our educational workshops, or encourage them to take advantage of a complimentary consultation and financial review with Shayne.


Thank you for being a valuable client and supporting our Growth Initiative!
We appreciate your continued partnership!